William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream

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This form generates a request to TACTweb that results in a display which shows how the selected positions are distributed between characters in the play. It is included as an example of how one might create a specialized query request form.

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Trying out KWIC orderings

This form generates a TACTweb KWIC display. Within the KWIC display, the form gives you a choice about how the selected positions are to be organized. We've given you a sample query which selects words which occur just before the word "moon". The standard form, when given this request, will generate a KWIC display sorted by position of occurrence within the text. If the Display ordering of "alphabetical" is selected, the selected words will instead be ordered by headword.

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The text of A Midsummer Night's Dream was taken from The Online Book Initiative (OBI). The OBI is a project to make a large collection of freely redistributable text available in a common format for others to do with as they like. This text was used because, according to the OBI, it was not encumbered by copyright.

Although the text came from the OBI collection, the pagination is based on The Complete Oxford Shakespeare, edited by Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor (Oxford University Press: Oxford 1978).

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