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Welcome to the TACTweb demonstration site, where you can try out TACTweb for yourself. TACTweb is experimental software developed as a part of a project by John Bradley and Geoffrey Rockwell

  • Project Management by John Bradley and Geoffrey Rockwell.
  • TACTweb software by John Bradley.
  • Instructional Design by Geoffrey Rockwell and John Bradley.
  • Documentation by John Bradley and Geoffrey Rockwell.
  • Graphical Interface and Web Site Design by Alex Stevens.

Parts of TACTweb reuse code originally in TACT version 2.0. Thanks are given to the other copyright holders: Lidio Presutti, and the University of Toronto.

TACTweb connects TACT to the World Wide Web -- making a TACT TDB database accessible to the entire WWW community. By using WWW forms users get access to some of the interactive services that TACT provides them -- but without requiring them to use TACT itself, or have a copy of your TACT database on their own machine. They can formulate queries against a TDB database using the same query languages used in TACT/UseBase, and can get results that look something like those produced by UseBase in response. Because the WWW Forms language acts as the interface, the TACTweb user doesn't need to learn how to interact with TACT other than to learn how formulate queries in the query language. Because they access your database via a WWW browser such as Mosaic, Netscape or Lynx, they can use your database whether they are a PC, Macintosh or Unix user.

The TACTweb software is not a "supported" product. As we gain a better understanding of how the components work with the WWW, we expect to continue to revise the software. However, the version you see today is available to you in an "as-is" state. Currently, TACTweb requires a PC machine as a WWW server. If possible, we hope to adapt the software so that it can be made to run with other platforms as servers.